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Digital Forensic_ Case Study based Learning

Certified Forensic Analyst, Chance to get good job in NMC, Banking and Government sector, Law Enforcement Agency, Learn More on cyber security  and Forensic Lab. 

 First time in central India, Crypto Forensic Technology introduces  certificate program in  Digital Forensic, to investigate cyber crime.  The Targeted audance  for the course is students, Goveretment employee, and other LEA. 

Course Overview 

The Digital Forensics Essentials course provides the necessary knowledge to understand the Digital Forensics and Incident Response disciplines, how to be an effective and efficient Digital Forensics practitioner or Incident Responder, and how to effectively use digital evidence.

Course Contents:-

  • Basic Computer Skills for Digital Forensics
    • Digital System
    • PC Introduction
    • Windows Command Line Tutorial
    • Linux Command Line Tutorial
    • Advanced Linux Command Line Tutorial
  • Computer and Digital Forensics 
    • Introduction to Digital Forensics
    • System  forensic
    • Image Acquisition
    • Evidence Analysis Techniques
    • Data Recovery
    • Data Hiding
    • Report Writing Technique.
  • Computer Forensics Case Study
    • Investigating Torrent Leak
    • Software Piracy Case Study
    • Illegal Possesion of Image Child Pornography 
    • Echonomic  offence Investigation 
    • Investigating Illegal File Transferring (Memory Forensics)
    • Investigating Hacking Case
  • Mobile Forensics Case Study
    • Android Mobile Investigation 
    • Apple Mobile Investigation.
    • Mobile Rooting

The Duration of the course is 2 months with flexible timming.  on successsful completion of the program, we will provides you Job assistance in repuated company, we also have Internship for successful students.