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Choose Best Audit Partner

     How to choose  a world class Cyber Security experts that helps your business secure ?

  • Qualifications

    When an audit is conducted for the purpose of meeting an external regulator’s requirements, it’s essential that the lead audit partner meets the conditions that the regulator requires example: Masters in Security Domina
  • Industry experience

    If your auditor has experience within your industry, it will typically translate into a more efficient audit and avoid generic questions being asked.we have IT, Medical, Banking, Finance Experts
  • Use of technology

    If your auditor isn’t using technology and data analytics to perform your audit, you’re missing out on important insights into your business. we are using Data Science, AI/MI Technology for auditing purpose
  • Quality assurance processes

    Any auditor you choose should be able to demonstrate how they ensure their professional service quality – their compliance with relevant legislative requirements, auditing standards and reporting best practices. For example, are regular peer review procedures in place? 
  • Reasonable fees

    When choosing an auditor, the fee is often a key decision factor. However, CFT has emphasised that it is important for business directors to ensure the audit fees are adequate and don’t have the potential to adversely affect the quality of the audit.


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How We Work?

Audit process start with Clients acceptances and defining scope of works, immediate after that we follows Audit life cycle starting with Customer awarness training to managed all cyber security related services. 

Service Features

We provides wide ranges of services to our clients from Cyber Security and Cyber Forensic fields.
  • Cyber Crime Investigations
  • Information Security Audit
  • RBI Compliance Audit
  • Cooperative Banks VAPT Audits
  • Software source Code Audits
  • Source Code Theft Investigation
  • Financial Fraud Investigation
  • Crypto Currency Fraud Investigation
  • Video, Audio Investigation
  • Social Media Fraud Investigation
  • Mobile Forensic Audit
  • Money Trail Audit
  • Anti Money Laundering Audit
  • Malware analysis Audit
  • ISO 27001 ISMS Audit